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What are the advantages of using the actuator?
Release Time : 2017-10-16      Hits : 1673

Through the application of CRM system, the actuator enterprises can establish a complete, efficient, flexible and integrated marketing information platform that achieves the following goals and helps them gain advantages in the fierce market competition:
Installation of pneumatic actuators facilitates pipe automation
    1, a comprehensive and effective management of customer information resources and market competition information;
    2, full grasp of opportunities in the sales leads, procurement, sales, contracts, costs, services, care and every detail;
    3, a full range of multi-angle customer, sales, accounts receivable analysis provides the basis for decision-making;
    4, a new thought of service care management throughout the pre-sale, sale, sale;
    5, full staff to achieve collaborative office, information sharing, document centralized management
    6, customer relationship management system enables sales staff to manage customers quickly and easily, a detailed record of customer information, eliminating the daily trouble finding a traditional Notepad; the system will remind sales staff to do something every day to do today; at the same time Convenient to determine the type of customer, to facilitate the tracking of important customers, improve work efficiency.
120 ° / 180 ° double stroke actuator
120 ° / 180 ° double stroke actuator
    7, sales staff management system to record sales staff contact business records and event records, a detailed record of the entire sales process, to facilitate enterprises to grasp all the information of customers, while leaders can always guide sales process sales, timely adjustment of sales and sales. To achieve sales of all sales outlets for unified management, facilitate the leadership of staff assessment, while ensuring that customer information will not be lost because of staff turnover.
    8, Customer Service Management System can record and track the work of customer service department, customer service personnel through the system to achieve the task of delivery and coordination. Through the system enables customer service departments around the company to coordinate the task of organic, even in different places also can accept the task in the shortest possible time and achieve synergy, to achieve the "24-hour service in place" commitment. The company is located in: