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How pneumatic actuators work
Release Time : 2017-10-14      Hits : 1674

Currently used in the valve to a very large number of devices, and pneumatic actuators which are connected with the valve stem, played the role of regulating the valve, and adjust the form of automation, which is currently pneumatic valves and electric valves can The main reason for development. Today we are here to introduce you to the main pneumatic actuator in the pneumatic valve operation principle.
Pneumatic actuator failure should be how to deal with
    In fact, pneumatic valve control valve more features a class of valves, due to the pneumatic valve access to the pneumatic actuator, making the valve device can play a precise truncation of the medium in the pipeline, and has the effect of flow control , And the entire process using automated processing, it is also more typical of automation equipment.
DR / SC series of new valve pneumatic actuator
DR / SC series of new valve pneumatic actuator
    So what is the use of pneumatic actuators? Here to introduce its use of the principle. Here to take the pipes A and B as the main pipe parts to explain, when the compressed air from the A nozzle into the pneumatic actuator, the gas push the piston to the two ends of a straight line, the piston rack drive shaft rotation function When the gear is rotated counterclockwise by 90 degrees, the valve is opened and the gas at both ends of the pneumatic actuator is discharged with the B valve, while the reverse is also the case. The company is located in: