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Talking about Three Breaking Protection Function of Actuator
Release Time : 2017-10-13      Hits : 1555
Pneumatic valve actuator thrust and stroke large, easy to install and fix, has the following characteristics: easy to achieve positive and negative reaction settings, long stroke, bypass valve in the short term can be manually operated, the locator is not subject to pressure changes in gas supply, anti-vibration , Fast response, three-off protection and so on. So, what is the three-valve actuator protection function?
Pneumatic actuator routine inspection and maintenance
    1, off gas self-locking protection
    Mainly through the exhaust valve and the closure valve. Adjust the exhaust valve action pressure to a certain value, when the pressure is higher than the value, the normal output pressure. Open the lockout valve, so that the spool valve connected to the gas path at both ends of the cylinder, so that it is in normal working condition. If the air pressure is lower than the set value, the exhaust valve is blocked, and then it is switched to the air line and the air pressure is exhausted through the exhaust valve. This time, the blocking valve will block the gas, pneumatic valve actuator to maintain its original position, to achieve self-protection gas off.
    2, off power protection
    This is achieved by the solenoid valve. If the power supply voltage is normal, the normal work, if the power disappears, the solenoid valve to switch gas, exhaust valve will empty the air pressure, and then switch gas. Exhaust lockout valve will lock the valve in a locked state, to maintain the load in its place, to achieve power protection.

DR / SC series of new valve pneumatic actuator
DR / SC series of new valve pneumatic actuator
    3, off the signal protection
    This is achieved by the electronic switch. When the signal current is greater than the lower limit current, normal work. When the signal current suddenly interrupted, the electronic switch is blocked, the solenoid valve power loss, to achieve off signal protection.